Web Design and Web Development Sri lanka

We are right to design what you want even though it is complex. We will go extra mile To appear yourself in perfect shape which is not most expensive. Custom graphics can be created for your site giving it a exclusive "look and feel". We use most new technologies in order to keep you to lesser capacity so that user can get tremendous experience surfing your web site.
You can Build your website with us, Our Services are web design, web development, web hosting, Domain, SEO. We can give low rates for web design in sri lanka .

  • WebMark Lanka - Web Design Sri Lanka

    Web Design For Your Business Sri Lanka

    Good Quality Slide Show, Photo Gallery, Contact Form, Members Registration Form, Social media, Free 30-Days Maintain (HTML 5/ CSS 3/ PHP).

  • WebMark Lanka - Web Development and web base applications Sri lanka

    Web base system Development Sri Lanka

    Point of sale system, Stock management system, Members Information System, Patients With Doctors Recorder, Voting System, Pharmacy Management System (PHP/JS/HTML/CSS).

  • WebMark Lanka - Wedding Web Design Sri lanka

    Wedding Web Design Sri Lanka

    Good Quality Slide Show, Photo Gallery, Contact Form, Free 30-Days Maintain (HTML 5/ CSS 3/ PHP).

Domain and Hosting Sri Lanka

WebMark Lanka - Domain and Hosting Sri Lanka

Search Your Domain ( .com 2100LKR )

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how to select good domain name

For 99% of the projects you might take on, a domain is already part of the equation. However, in some circumstances, you'll be called on to provide advice for naming a domain, either for a new blog, a company launch or even just a friend's website. Below, I've listed 12 tips I find indispensable when helping people select a great domain name.

Web Hosting From 1000LKR

Web Hosting Services allow your web site to be seen on the World Wide Web. Web Hosting is in effect rented space on a server. After purchasing your domain name, you will need hosting to be able to display your website on the internet.
Payment for hosting packages is usually paid on an annual basis and you will be notified by email as and when it is due for renewal. We include this cost in any quotation we send to our clients.